Romania, like all of Eastern Europe, is now wide open to the Gospel and therefore pastors, missionaries and Christian workers are desperately needed. In following Christ’s example to choose and train disciples to proclaim the message of the Gospel, RMS seeks to assist dedicated young men and women who respond to the call of God for Christian service.

Students at Christian colleges and theological seminaries in Romania want to make a difference in their culture, but they need help to fulfill their dreams. The economy in Romania is still struggling and poverty is prevalent. These students need an adoptive sponsor to make their goal of ministry possible. You can play a significant role in preparing them for God’s service.
Many students are being equipped for pastoring or church work. Others are training as evangelists, missionaries, broadcasters, social workers and writers. Some students are preparing to teach religion in Romanian public elementary and high schools.

Each student has God’s handprint on his or her life and bears testimony of God’s love, faithfulness and power. On weekends and school vacation breaks, these students go to nearby villages and towns to share the Gospel through preaching and music. Others minister in orphanages or institutions for the disabled.

The Adopt-a-Student program links a Christian student at a theological institution in Romania with a Christian sponsor in America, who prays for the student and provides full or partial tuition assistance. As a result of this program, hundreds of graduates are now involved in ministry in Romania, Moldova and other former Communist-bloc nations.

Here is how the program works …

  • A $120 monthly support can cover a student’s tuition expenses for an entire school year.
  • Sponsors receive photos and biographical profiles.
  • Sponsors are encouraged to pray for their students on a regular basis.
  • Students must enroll in an approved theological school.
  • Students are encouraged to regularly communicate with their sponsors.

The true meaning and effect of this ministry can be summed up in the words of Sorin M., who writes, “I am called to be a preacher of the Word. I know that being a student at this seminary would not have been possible without your financial support, and I want you to know that I thank God for you and I appreciate your sacrifice.”

Your gift for a full year support, a monthly commitment, or even a one-time gift will enable us to continue to train young people for ministry in an area of the world that has a critical shortage of Christian leaders and an intense hunger for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For more information and a list of current opportunities, please contact our office (e-mail to or call at 708.657.4391).