Christian Literature

The year 1981 marks the beginning of a very productive publishing ministry of RMS. From 1981 until 1989 a large number of books were translated and edited in the US, then printed in Holland, to be smuggled in to Romania. Starting in 1990 the publishing of Christian literature shifted to Romania and now we have a very well known and respected Christian Publishing House, “Cartea crestina“.

Christians are people of the “Book”, the Bible, and Christian books shape the thinking of believers. We strive to offer to the Romanian readers only the best of Christian literature – theologically sound and relevant for today’s culture. Over 150 titles have been already translated and published, with many more to follow. Some of them have been reprinted more than once, due to high demand.

Our staff of highly trained translators and editors takes pride in their work and aims to provide the Romanian readers with quality books from all standpoints: text, graphics, printing. The books published by RMS can be grouped in several categories:

  • Theology
  • Textbooks
  • Reference books
  • Spiritual life
  • Apologetics
  • Devotional
  • Family life

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Authors who wish to have their books or materials considered for possible translation and publication in the Romanian language may e-mail RMS Publishing House.

Here are some additional opportunities for involvement …

  • $50 will cover distribution of Romanian Bibles and teaching materials to pastors and Christian workers.
  • $6,000 will cover the production (translation to typesettig) costs for an average sized book (300 pages).
  • $7,000 will cover the printing cost of an average sized book.