How do I get started?

Start on your knees, prayerfully considering the type of ministry you would like to participate in. More than anything, this is a mission trip and you should be ready for spiritual battle.

Plan early, since ticket prices skyrocket as summer approaches. Consider also that summer is not the only time for STM – while summer camps are, obviously, held in the summer, many other types of STMs can be organized in the spring or in the fall.

Talk to your church leadership. It is usually easiest to participate as a group from your church, having the advantage of common acquaintance, ease of orientation and training, and natural trip follow-up. Also the opportunity of being able to enjoy the bonds of friendship built on a trip are encouraged when you see one another!

Talk to us – we can help you with the detailed planning and we can connect you with our staff in Romania. We’ll help you cross the language barrier in order to have a meaningful and fulfilling mission trip.

All trips begin with us getting acquainted with you. For that a little bit of paperwork is needed. Please print and return the Trip Application and Covenant forms below.

STM Application [Click on the link to download the Form]

STM Covenant [Click on the link to download the Form]