Radio Ministry

Ever since 1968 RMS was involved in broadcasting – first on short-wave radio through HCJB, of Quito, Ecuador, then on BBC and Radio “Free Europe“. With the fall of Communism and the opening of airwaves to Christian radio, RMS joined hands in 1992 with HCJB of Quito, Ecuador, and the Romanian National Alliance of Evangelicals to launch the first Christian radio network in Romania, “Voice of the Gospel“. Today there are eight FM stations in the network: Bucuresti, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Oradea, Sibiu, Suceava and Timisoara.

The management of the radio network is entrusted to a Board led by the National Alliance of Evangelicals, but we continue to support production of new programs, as well as funding for equipment and facilities upgrades for local stations.

In the spring of 2007 a bold step forward was taken when the uplink to satellite was completed, making the programs available throughout Europe, via direct satellite-to-listener link.

Christian radio is a lifeline to those who have never heard the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Millions of people in Romania never enter the door of a church. Radio reaches them wherever they are. And because of the critical shortage of Christian leadership, it is only through radio that we can minister to some evangelical churches without pastors. Consider the following excerpts from listeners’ letters…

  • “I thank God for your messages that have awakened me from slumbering in sin. I have chosen Jesus to be my Lord.”
  • “I listen to your programs daily, and am thrilled and encouraged each and every time I tune in.”
  • “Our church does not have a pastor, so we put a radio on the pulpit each Sunday morning to hear a message from God’s Word.”
  • “I do not go to church, but I am so glad to hear God’s Word daily over radio. I wept when I saw my children praying and listening to your programs.”
  • “My husband was converted through a sermon on your Sibiu station! Thank you!”
  • “I stumbled across your broadcast by accident. While listening, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit. Since then, I have started attending church.”
  • “After hearing a child’s voice praying for his brother on a program for children, I abandoned my plans for an abortion.”
  • “While listening to some special programs for youth, I understood that there is only one way to be saved. I made a decision that day to follow Jesus Christ.”

If you would like to get involved to sponsor a program or a radio station, please contact our office (e-mail to or call at 630-665-6503).