Spiritual Life Seminars

In 1996, Dr. Josef Tson started a new dimension of his ministry, The Spiritual Life Seminars held in churches all over Romania, and even the USA. All Christians realize their need to grow spiritually towards maturity, and many are frustrated because they do not achieve the expected growth. It all starts with the fundamental relationship with God – a walk with God, in union with Christ and under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

A variety of topics have been covered in these seminars – from the quiet time of fellowship with God to relationships within the Church, the family and the society. As the branch draws its life from the Vine only as long as it is intimate union with the Vine, so we are to draw our spiritual life from the union with Christ, as a continuous life experience.

A wide variety of topics presented through the years have been collected in audio recordings and many of them have been also printed in book format. Most of the recordings and books are available through our WebStore.

If you would like to have Dr. Josef Tson present a Spiritual Life Seminar, at your church, college, missionary organization, etc. please contact us by phone at 630-665-6503 or by e-mail at rms@RMSonline.org.