In a country of over 20 million people, there are only 4,000 evangelical churches in Romania, but less than 2,000 pastors. There are about 12,000 villages and towns without an evangelical church.

It is very common for Romanian pastors who work outside of main cities to serve in 3 – 5 churches, and among these there are usually 1 or 2 pioneer church plants. Most of these churches are in rural areas and because of the difficult economic situation they cannot provide an adequate salary for the pastor.

RMS has been assisting these efforts to extend the Kingdom of God by providing supplemental income to some of these dedicated church planters. Our “Sponsor-A-Pastor” program links indigenous church planters with individuals, families and Western churches. A close sense of teamwork often develops between sponsors and pastors.

Since the start of this program in 1995, we have been committed to provide:

  • Supplemental income and/or ministry expenses – with average salaries of just $200 to $300 per month and gas prices over $5/gal, it is obvious that help is needed.
  • Bibles and Christian literature – we strive to provide Bibles and discipleship materials for new believers.
  • Training conferences – pastors need the fellowship of other pastors, encouragement and guidance in the ministry; local or national pastors’ conferences organized by RMS aim to fill this need.

Since RMS has a full staff in Romania, and since we work closely with denominational administrations, we are able to cultivate a high level of accountability.
We always have a waiting list of pastors needing sponsors.

Here is how the program works …

  • $300 each month provides full support.
  • $150 each month provides half support.
  • $50 each month provides partial support.
  • Sponsors receive photos and biographical profiles.
  • Sponsors are encouraged to pray for their pastors on a regular basis.
  • Pastors are encouraged to regularly communicate with their sponsors.
  • After one year, the sponsorship is reviewed by both parties.

Any pastor, church, missions committee, Sunday school class, Bible study group, youth group, or individual can help sponsor a pastor.

Your gift for a full sponsorship, a monthly commitment, or a one-time gift will help us send more trained workers into the harvest field God has prepared in Romania. This unique opportunity enables any Christian to be a part of the Great Commission by reaching people halfway around the world with the love of Jesus Christ.

For more information and a list of current opportunities, please contact our office (e-mail to RMS@RMSonline.org or call at 708.657.4391).