Val S. Monafu, M.Div, President

Brief Bio

Val grew up in the last years of the communist regime in Romania and still remembers the days of the 1989 Revolution that brought freedom and democracy to the Romanian people. In his youth, Val became a Christian and started serving in short term missions in Romanian orphanages in South-East Romania.

After moving to the United States, Val started serving as youth pastor in 2004 at the Romanian Baptist Church of Anaheim (Los Angeles), CA where he served until 2016. During this time, in addition to ministering to the youth of the local church, he was involved in many missionary activities in Romania and Mexico, particularly in short term mission trips with the youth, serving in orphanages.

From 2012 to 2014 Val has served as President of the Romanian Baptist Youth Association and is still very involved in this ministry from an unofficial position.

In 2014, Val has received his Master of Divinity degree from Biola University, Talbot School of Theology.

In 2016 he was called to the Romanian Baptist Church of San Francisco, Bay Area where he was ordained to serve as Assistant Pastor, and where he still serves.

Starting in 2017 he became involved in Apologetics conferences in Moldova and Romania, organized by the Romanian Missionary Society. In June 2020, Val started serving as RMS President.

Currently he resides in Tracy, CA, with his wife Christine and their two sons, Timothy and Michael.

Doris Laurentiu, Executive Director

Brief Bio

Doris Laurentiu grew up in a Christian home Timisoara, Romania. In 1971 she completed her studies, earning a M.A. degree from the University of Timisoara, upon which she taught English and German language in junior high and high school. After working over a decade as a translator for a research institute in her home town she and her family came to the USA in 1987 to translate Christian literature for RMS. During those years of communism Christian literature was prohibited in Romania.

During the following years, Doris translated, and edited numerous books among which, The Gospel According to Jesus, Evangelism Explosion, The Cross of Christ, The New Bible Dictionary, etc. After RMS opened a publishing house in Romania, Doris assumed new responsibilities in our Wheaton office. She coordinates the RMS pastors and students sponsorship programs, secures copyrights and serves as liaison for all contracts with American and European publishers whose books continue to be translated and published by Editura Cartea Crestina, our Christian Publishing House in Oradea, Romania.

Doris lives in Forest Park, IL.