Why come to Romania?

The reasons are many, but the top ones include:

1.      Romanians love Americans! (& Canadians, & Australians, and the English, and those from Western Europe). You won’t get a snobby cold shoulder when you meet Romanians.

2.      Ministry opportunities abound. You can expect to make a significant impact during your ministry stay.

3.      Natural follow-up. Because we’re already working with the local pastors, churches and ministries your efforts will be maximized after you leave.

4.      Reasonable expenses. While the exchange rate varies, travelers still find lodging, food and supplies are economical.

5.      Life changing. Almost all visits to different cultures dramatically impact visitors, but all the more so when a well-planned trip is executed with enthusiastic concern for participants.

Beautiful country, wonderful people. You’ll fall in love with Romania’s natural beauty and the blending of the old with the new. You’ll enjoy the variety: mountains, plains, streams, nature preserves, wildflowers, caves, medieval castles, old cities, new cities. And people – everywhere – friendly, hospitable, caring.