Youth Ministries

Integrating Faith

Being a Christian is a full-time calling – not just for Sundays, not only within the confines of a church building. The younger generation of Romanian Christians have responded to the call to learn how to integrate their “secular” profession with their “Christian faith”. Not everyone can serve as a pastor or missionary in some remote part of the world, but everyone can be a committed Christian, a powerful witness for Christ at the office, in the business world, in the neighborhood where we live.

We are challenging the college students of Romania to become the best professionals they can be, and to be at the same time the best Christians they can be. Faced with a barrage of new worldviews – from atheism (in its various forms) to pantheism (whether Eastern or Western) – many students were caught unprepared. Add to the mix the relativism and pluralism that characterize the postmodern intellectual environment, and you have the making of a spiritual crisis.

Dr. Livius Percy and Val Monafu are presenting series of lectures designed to help the students understand the Christian worldview in relation to the diverse opposing worldviews, giving them the ability to defend the truth of the Christian worldview.

The series of lectures are available in Romanian in digital audio/video format, or as lecture notes at or at

For more information on the lectures and the speakers, you may contact us by phone at 708.657.4391 or by e-mail at

Student Conferences

Every summer since 1998, RMS has invited Romanian students to a week-long conference focused on intensive Bible study. The conference has been organized in different cities and has drawn participants from all over Romania, as well as from Moldova, Western Europe and, occasionally, from the U.S.

These week-long meetings have as major objectives:

  • Training in Biblical truth.
  • Commitment to holy living
  • Fellowship
  • Evangelism

Speakers include Romanian pastors and theologians, as well as Dr. Livius Percy, and Val Monafu, from RMS. Each conference usually focuses on an individual book of the Bible. Recent conferences have explored the Gospel of Matthew, Ephesians, the Gospel of John, 1st & 2nd Timothy.

The response has been overwhelming. All available housing gets filled and local people open their homes for the overflow. But greater than the quantity of attendees is the quality of individual responses. Over 40% of the attendees at last year’s conference wrote letters of appreciation. A young lady from the city of Deva wrote this, fairly typical note, “We need sound doctrine, solid foundations for our faith and this is exactly what you taught us! Thank you.”

Authentic On-line Youth Conferences

RMS has been organizing on-line youth conferences on various topics integrating theology and life so that Romanian youth all over the world may be able to live out their faith, to think, work, and live biblically. You can follow us on Facebook to participate in these conferences.

For more information on the youth conferences and to get recordings from past conferences, you may contact us by phone at 708.657.4391 or by e-mail at