European Diaspora

With the integration of Romania in the European Union, many Romanians travel and work abroad, creating large evangelical communities in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc. We encourage the Romanian believers who find themselves in these countries to reach out to the nationals and share the Gospel with them.

The problem faced by the secularized European continent are summarized by Italy’s Culture Minister, a devout Catholic, who says that “Europe has a new religion – a nihilistic fundamentalism against truth”. The consequences of rejecting Christianity are dire and Rodney Stark writes: “Europe is going to get more religious than it is: either because of a revival of Christianity or because they go Muslim!”

In these circumstances we see the potential of Romanian evangelicals living in Western Europe to become Christian missionaries to the old continent. For many centuries Romania had bravely defended its southern borders, keeping Islam and the Ottoman Empire at the gates of Western Europe. It may be time for Romanian evangelicals to start reclaiming Europe for Christ!

This is a new dimension of our ministry and we plan to edify and encourage the church of the Diaspora by providing them with RMS resources, through conferences, seminars, teaching and speaking engagements of Dr. Livius Percy.

(Soon – MAP of Europe and Romanian communities in Western Europe.)