Getting Ready

Spiritual preparation. A vital and dynamic walk with God is essential to any ministry endeavor – regardless of location or duration. If you are embarking on a cross-cultural ministry experience it is all the more essential that your heart and spirit are actively seeking Him. We would be glad to share with you some of the resources we’ve found helpful.

Cross-cultural preparation. Despite the language differences it is easy to assume that Romanians are just like Westerners in their outlook, values, and approach to life. But this assumption is incorrect. Romanians’ history, cultural influences, and family heritage guide them in innumerable subtle ways.

One of the joys of an RMS Short Term Ministry is the opportunity to become personally acquainted with Romanians and enjoy the discovery of cultural similarities and differences. An excellent resource to prepare for this aspect of your STM is a tiny book called, Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot – Cold Climate Cultures by Sarah A. Lanier.

Visit a Romanian church in your home country. Many US cities have Romanian churches and we’d be happy to help you locate them. You will be warmly welcomed. And if they know you are planning a visit to their homeland you will be treated with an unbelievably gracious acceptance!!

Expectation preparation. Akin to cross-cultural preparation is recognition that all travel involves “bumps in the road.” No matter how much you prepare, inevitably you will find things different from what you expect. Remind yourself early and often that FLEXIBILITY is one of a missionary’s greatest skills!

Physical Preparation. This area includes everything from travel plans to packing lists. Below is a generic packing checklist.