Orphans assistance ministry

Since the “Iron Curtain” was torn down in 1989 numerous heart-wrenching stories have been published about the orphan situation in Romania. While the conditions in orphanages have improved, these children still hunger for genuine love and acceptance.

For over 10 years RMS has been ministering to these disadvantaged children. It is a satisfying, yet challenging ministry! In addition to the Bible lessons, the teachers aim to develop the social skills of these children, by interaction with teachers and mentors. Our dedicated staff is involved at different levels:

  • Weekly Bible clubs – after school programs with several groups of children from state-run orphanages and underprivileged from the neighborhood. Every day of he week another group is brought in for a time of games, Bible stories, crafts, computer classes, and, of course, treats.
  • Summer camps – every year we organize two week-long camps for orphans of different ages. As you might imagine these are a highlight for the children. They have fun, play games, eat good food, get out of the city, and most importantly, learn about God’s love.
  • Discipleship – in partnership with local churches, we continue to follow-up their spiritual development even after leaving the orphanage, to help them integrate in local churches and mature as Christians.
  • Foster care – as some children are moved from state run institutions into foster care, we continue to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, assisting the foster parents.
  • Needy families assistance – some of the children in the orphanage have living parents, but have been abandoned or “given up” because the family couldn’t afford to feed and clothe the child. In this tragic situation we look to help not only the children, but also the whole family.
  • Job placement assistance – children leaving the orphanage at 18 continue to receive assistance to find jobs and a place to stay.

If you would like to know more about this ministry and to support our efforts, please contact us at 708.657.4391 or rms@rmsonline.org